Oct 11

Workout of days past


3 Sets 1) 8 Inverted Rows @2111 https://youtu.be/biFQAM16Q4I 2) 15-20 sec Ring Support Hold https://youtu.be/-4IF7z6A71s 3) 20-30 sec Hanging L-Sit Hold

*Rest 90 sec Inverted Rows @2111 https://youtu.be/biFQAM16Q4I Ring Support Hold https://youtu.be/-4IF7z6A71s

WOD #2

Mobility Cash Out

3 Sets 30 sec/side Cow Facing Stretch 30 sec/side Hamstring Smash 30 sec/side Quad Smash

Cow Facing Stretch https://youtu.be/svrTZ3baPyE?t=48 Hamstring Smash https://youtu.be/BOVT8mhu9lU Quad Smash https://youtu.be/6zxQkBZLoXs


4 x Every 3 min 200m Run 14 Box Jumps (24/20) Ring Plank for remainder of round

*Rest 1 min between rounds

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