Jul 17

Workout of days past


3 Sets 5/side Reverse Lunge + Single leg RDL 45-60 sec Wall Sit

*90 sec Rest *DB/KB Double suitcase loaded on RDL+Lunge *Double KB Front Rack on wall sit Reverse Lunge + Single leg RDL https://youtu.be/C-7Jc7bNliQ


Every 2 mins x 12 60 sec Bike (cal) 6 Burpees

*goal is to increase cal each round. *choosing correct pace on round 1 is key

WOD #2

Washboard Wednesday

3-4 Sets 15-20 sec Ring Body Saw Hold (at full extension, rings in hands) 15/arm DB Side Plank Rotation


AMRAP 10 200m Run 9 Box Jump Overs (24/20) 6 Alternating Double KB Front Rack lunges (24/16)