Jul 1

Workout of days past


4 Sets 1) 2 Back Squats @2221 2) 30-40 sec Sorenson Hold

*add weight to sorenson hold if appropriate *90 sec rest b/w sets


EMOM 10 20m Shuttle Run (+20m each round) *10m Increments (think death by 10m) rest 5 min EMOM 10 2 Cal Row (+2 each round)

*If you can’t complete a round then jump back to last successful round and try to maintain (example 7th min would be 14 reps. If you only get 13, take a min off and try to maintain 12 reps per min) *Similar to last week


4 Rounds 16 Alt Double KB Rack Reverse Lunges (24/16kg) 30m Bear Crawl 8 Box Jumps (30/24) 50m KB Farmers Carry (24/16kg)