Jun 24

Workout of days past


4 Sets 5/arm DB Single Arm Press + 5 DB Push Press 40 sec AMRAP: 1 Strict Pull-Up 2 Strict T2B

*60-90 sec rest b/w sets


EMOM 10 2 Burpee (+2 each round) rest 5 min EMOM 10 2 Cal Bike (+2 each round)

*If you can’t complete a round then jump back to last successful round and try to maintain (example 7th min would be 14 reps but you only get 13, take a min off, try to maintain 12 reps per min)


3 Rounds 200m Shuttle Run (4 x 50m) 20 Ring Row 20 GHD Hip Ext 100m/arm Single Arm KB Farmers Carry (24/16kg)

*60 sec rest b/t rounds *Goal is to have a faster 200m each round, important to pick correct pace to start with