May 27

Workout of days past

WOD #2

Half Murph or A Different Kinda Murph

800m Run 50 Pull-Ups 100 Push-Ups 150 Air Squats 800m Run or 12 Rounds 200m Run 6 Air Squats 4 Strict Pull-Ups 6 Air Squats 8 Push-Ups *60 sec rest b/w each round *goal is to try and get faster or stay the same

Choose whichever option is appropriate for you, if you have not build up the volume for the full Murph, you can still get a great and challenging workout by trying one of the other options. Goal of today is to pay tribute with a hard workout but not to beat yourself up so much that you can’t enjoy the rest of your holiday.



1-Mile Run 100 Pull-Ups 200 Push-Ups 300 Air Squats 1-Mile Run

*use vest if appropriate (20/14) *partition as needed *60 min cap