Functional Fitness Training

  • barbells, dumbbells, boxes, and ropes
  • lift, run, jump, row, and bike
  • endurance, stamina, and strength
  • flexibility, speed, and coordination

We will train you!  Show up, work hard, bring a good attitude.  Workouts  are tailored  for you- your workout, your skill level.

We practice functional movements at a high intensity to utilize your entire body in a variety of ways. In other words, leave the magazines at home, check your ego at the door, and come ready to sweat.

  1. You WON’T spend 30 minutes going nowhere on a treadmill or elliptical while staring at a TV and then another 30 minutes on a machine circuit with machines built to isolate each muscle and body part individuall.
  2. Nor will you be doing Chest/Tricep, Back/Bicep bodybuilding-style routines.

What you WILL do is run, jump, row, work on rings, climb ropes, slam and throw balls, and perform power and Olympic lifts. You will learn the proper way to lift, squat, throw, and jump. Why? Because it works. And better yet, it’s fun!

3…2…1… GO!

Come check us out for the best hour of your day.