Three Ways to Condition With Control

Here is a little insight into our recent WODs and our intent for programming them in your workouts! Courtesy of Functional Bodybuilding.

A great conditioning workout will do the trick. But hold up. There’s more to intelligent workout design than throwing a few random movements together and hitting it as hard as you can. Take a look and see how to use EMOMs, Descending Rep Couplets, and Move with Purpose Sets to get better results from your conditioning, improve your skills, and get your sweat on without crashing and burning.

Controlled Conditioning Recap – The difference between chaotic conditioning that has no intent aside from intensity, and purposeful conditioning is the introduction of control points. Use the following control points to decrease the chaos and give ourselves a chance to build ourselves rather than burn ourselves out.

  • Work:Rest
  • Specific TEMPOs
  • Movement Selection
  • Specific Pacing Instructions
  • Isometric Contractions
  • Strict Gymnastics

Making use of these in conditioning workouts means supporting the athlete’s ability to get great work done, leave the gym almost immediately after finishing with their wits about them, and return tomorrow to take on the next challenge. In most chaotic workout scenarios, we see clients exhausted and leaving the gym without a clear head. They require time to recover before they can take on the rest of their day. There is often a sufficient beatdown that they don’t feel like they can come back the next day to move.

If what we really want to create is a sustainable long term training practice that will keep people moving daily for decades to come, then we have to start now with training principles that support that. Learning the art of implementing control points in conditioning work is the path forward.

….Purposeful conditioning DOESN’T have to mean easy. See for yourself how much they can impact you and leave you still feeling great to tackle the rest of your day. You don’t have to say goodbye to INTENSITY. That is not our message. The message rather is that we need to stop thinking INTENSITY and CHAOS training is the only way.