The Member Fitness Challenge – Week 2

How did week 1 go? Please see yesterday’s blog post to see who did the original challenge. Here are the challenges for this week. Be safe and have fun!

Week 2 of 4

  1. Max rep Bar Muscle ups – Can kip. No chicken wings!
  2. 30 calorie Assault Bike for time – Assault bike, not the Echo bike. We have a boy score and a girl score for this challenge.
  3. Max Rep Bench Presses  – Body weight for the boys, 70% of body weight for the girls. Please use a spotter.
  4. Arms Only 100m Row for time – Lock out your legs and use your arms only to row 100m.
  5. Max Rep Abmat Sit-Ups in 1 min – Full range of motion, please!
  6. Max Hold Single-Leg Stance on Inverted Bosu while Holding a Kettle Bell in the Opposite Hand (24kg/16kg) – Pick your favorite leg to stand on and hold for time. Your lifted leg should be in front of you. Please use the Bosu provided in front of the white board and return it when you are done.

Momma’s Quote of the Week

“Your full potential can only be awakened by the spirit of a powerful and positive attitude.”
—Joel Brown