July Events and Announcements

Happy July!

Please remember to hydrate throughout the day, because as you may have noticed, it gets a little warm in the gym!

Here are some events to take note of this month:

July 4:

8am and 10am classes only.

July 20:

WOD for Inclusion – Please click on the link to donate or register for the event!

The Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics is hosting “WOD for INCLUSION” across the state on July 20th.

  • What is the WOD- It is called the 1968. 1968 is the year Special Olympics was founded.  It consists of a 2- person partner WOD with a cap of 20 minutes.  It is a 1968 meter row and 100 box jump overs, 100 Wall Balls and 100 Russian Kettlebell Swings.
  • Fee is $30 per registration ($60 per team) and each participant receives an event t-shirt (different then the Torch Run shirts)
  • Where- Ultimate CrossFit
  • Why- To bring awareness and funds for nearly 40,000 participants of Special Olympics North Carolina athletes.