Partner WOD: 


3 RFT​​
40 cal Row​
20 DB Thruster (each, synchronized)
20 DB Walking Lunge (each, synchronized)​
20 Burpee over Partner Plank

*35/25 DB’s
*split row and BPP however



Conditioning WOD:
Death by 2 calories…

Assault Bike

rest 5 min


*1st min = 2 cal, 2nd min = 4 cal, 3rd min = 6 cal,
continue until you can no longer complete required calories in that min


Thank you to everyone for their patience and understanding during the hurricane.  

It’s always difficult to track storms like that – with an unpredictable nature, changing hour by hour.  But the safety of our members and our staff always remains a top priority, and we close/open the gym with that in mind.

Thanks again!

And any folks who have evacuated from the coast are, as always, welcome to join our classes.