3 Sets​​(12-15 min)
Split Stance BB Deadlift x 5/leg @3111
Hollow Rock x 10 + 20 sec Hollow Hold

*rest 90-120 sec

Every 4 min x 5​(20 min)

200m Run
9 T2B
12 Ring Row
15 KBS​(2/1.5)

 Food for thought from Runner’s World

Can CrossFit Make You a Faster Runner?

The key to speed might not necessarily be more time pounding the pavement.

There’s no way of working out that’s more polarizing than CrossFit: Those who love it claim nothing will make you fitter, while skeptics claim that its fitness benefits don’t really translate to sport-specific success.

So when we saw a study comparing the performances of runners who supplemented their mileage with CrossFit to those who just pounded the pavement, we had to dig in. And the results were pretty surprising.

In the study, which was published in International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, researchers from Bellarmine University broke a group of 26 recreational runners—those who ran more than 10 miles a week, but who trained for less than five hours—into two groups. The first followed a “polarized” running-only plan for three months, which included two days of easy running, one day of short HIIT intervals, one day of longer HIIT intervals or a 15 to 40-minute progression run, and one long, easy run each week. Over the course of three months, they increased their mileage to about 30 to 40 each week.

The second group performed two days of threshold-to-high-intensity running, two days of CrossFit, and one day that included both a threshold/high intensity run and a CrossFit workout each week. The CrossFit workout typically lasted 60 to 70 minutes and consisted of strength activities like single-leg kettlebell deadlifts and overhead walking lunges, as well as timed strength-related challenges.

Both groups worked out for five days a week. At the end of 12 weeks, the researchers compared their VO2max—a typical measure of running fitness that measures how much oxygen your body can use during exercise—body composition, and 5K times to what they were before the study began.

The researchers discovered that both the running-only group and the CrossFitters improved their 5K time trials by about 1.5 minutes—5.5 to 6.2 percent faster—and also achieved similar reductions in body fat, at about 2.5 percent.

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