Power Snatch 5×2​(10-15 min)
*No TnG

WOD: 4 Sets​​(12-16 min)
4 Strict HSPU
6 Kipping HSPU
8 Hang Power Snatch​​(unbroken is goal)
*90 sec rest b/w sets
*increase load each round (start around 40-50% of Power Snatch 1RM)

Midline Cash Out:
10 Tuck-Ups
15 sec Bent Hollow Hold
8 Tuck-Ups
12 sec Bent Hollow Hold
6 Tuck-Ups
9 sec Bent Hollow Hold
4 Tuck-Ups
6 sec Bent Hollow Hold
2 Tuck-Ups
3 sec Bent Hollow Hold

Hurricane Florence Update:

There will be no evening Jiu Jitsu or Yoga classes tonight

CrossFit classes will be business as usual for today (Friday), unless weather conditions take a turn for the worse.

We hope to announce our weekend schedule later today as we know more.  Please stay tuned.
*schedule subject to change quickly