1: 3-5 Strict Dips @2112
(2 sec ECC, 1 sec pause at Bottom, 1 sec CON, 2 sec pause
at TOP)
2: 3-5 Strict Pull-Ups @ 2112
3: 20-30 sec Wall Facing Handstand Hold/Box Inverted Pike Hold

Partner WOD: ​(18-25)
50 GHD Sit-Up/Abmat Sit-Up
30 Push Press​155/105
20 cal Row ​(each)
40 GHD Sit-Up/Abmat Sit-Ups
40 Push Press​(135/95)
20 cal Row​(each)
30 GHD Sit-Ups/Abmat Sit-Ups
50 Push Press​(115/85)
20 cal Row​(each)
*scale weight on PP as needed
*split work up as needed

Conditioning WOD: EMOM 24​(6 Rounds)
1: 15/12 cal Bike
2: 40 sec Ring Plank
3: 20 Alt Prisoner Step-Ups​(20/16)
4: 12 DB HPC​​(light)


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Oh HEEEYYY, we KNOW him!!!

Check out another great write-up about Zach Bowman on the Morning Chalkup:

How CrossFit Turned An Overweight College Grad Into a Very Fit Marine

SEP 10, 2018 BY

When you know, you know. At least that’s how freshly minted Marine Officer Zach Bowman felt nearly two years ago when he decided he wanted to serve his country at the age of 23.

He could have been swayed from his goal of joining “the few and the proud” because of a major strength deficit and weight surplus (he weighed 260 pounds) when that dream began. Instead, he used his weakness as fuel to reach the lofty goal of joining the Marines as an officer — not something just anyone can attain.

According to Major Trey Kennedy, who would become Bowman’s Officer Selection Officer (OSO), less than 50% of those who apply to become Marine Corps officers even make it past the interview process to get into Officer Candidate School (OCS). After that, only two-thirds of those who start end up graduating — but he knew from the “get-go” that Bowman would be one of them, due to his very evident determination.

Finding CrossFit.

Bowman’s success wasn’t a surprise to friends either, those who call him very “driven and self-disciplined,” someone who has an “unbelievable work ethic.” The road to the Marines was paved with hard physical work and determination that would be an inspiration to anyone — and CrossFit is what started it all.

2nd Lt. Zachary Bowman, at 250 pounds, before joining the Marine Corps. Bowman lost over 40 pounds on his journey to become a Marine Corps officer. Bowman graduated Officer Candidates School on Aug. 11, 2018, and will persue the military occupational specialty of a judge advocate after The Basic School.

A track and football standout in high school, Bowman attended Winthrop University on a partial track scholarship for shot put and discus. He had always been what many would describe as a “big guy.” At 6’2, as a college athlete, his health was kept in check despite packing a few extra pounds.

With dark hair and a big smile in every photo posted on his Facebook profile, Bowman appears to be the generally happy guy that friends describe him as. But that post-graduation funk can hit the best of us, and he began to wonder what was next.

Soon after with a psychology degree in hand, he began working as a realtor and let fitness got by the wayside. He was also working in an unsatisfying job and considering going to law school, but a plan for the future was not yet fully charted.

Bowman had gained weight since college and was bigger than most athletes at the box when he walked into Ultimate CrossFit in Charlotte, North Carolina for the first time. Though he didn’t know anyone there on day one, it didn’t take long for Bowman to make friends by joining a specific group that worked out together on the weekends.

They immediately welcomed the younger, “bigger” Bowman into their community and he soon found both a fitness and professional mentor in friend Matt Miller. Miller recognized Bowman’s great attitude and work ethic, soon hiring him on as an intern at his law firm in addition to helping him get in shape at the gym.

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