3 Super Sets​
8/side ½ Kneeling DB Press (1 sec pause at top)
40 sec Wall Sit (weight, if appropriate)

*60 sec rest b/w sets

Min 1: 15/12 Cal. Row
Min 2: 30m KB Single Arm Rack Carry (right) (choice)
Min 3: 40 Double Under
Min 4: 30m KB Single Arm Rack Carry (left) (choice)


Please read these important notes for this weekend!

Both the main gym and the Pit will be closed this weekend as we are hosting a CrossFit Level 2 seminar on the 23rd and 24th.
But classes go on!  
*On Saturday, we will run a bootcamp style workout at Freedom Park at 9:30am
*On Sunday, we will run a track style workout at AG Middle School at 11am.  
*19.5 will be Friday’s workout for the gym this week b/c of the seminar.  Also note that we will be extending the deadline for this WOD until Wednesday 3/27, so that members participating in the gym open have to complete the workout.