CrossFit Open Workout 18.5

Time: AMRAP in 7-minutes

3 Thrusters (100/65 lb) & 3 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
6 Thrusters (100/65 lb) & 6 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
9 Thrusters (100/65 lb) 9 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups

If you complete 9, complete a round of 12, then go on to 15, and so forth.

Score: Reps Completed


This is our final week of the competition and you will have until Monday to beat all your favorite coaches :)

Each coach you BEAT earns you a point.

There is no lifestyle challenge this week, except you can still earn a point for a new activity from the first week’s “Try something new” challenge.


**We will be having a post Gym Open Social today
with light fare provided by BANG BANG BURGERS following the 9:30 class from
approx. 10:30am-1:00pm. We encourage folks to bring a side of their
choosing and an alcoholic drink if they would like. We’ll be providing
some non-alcoholic beverages along with a few beers**


Coach Chad – Max rep double unders – 154 reps

You can have a maximum of 3 attempts at max rep unbroken double unders.

Coach Jaye – Max distance barbell carry – 206 meters

1-arm barbell carry with 40% of body weight. For example, if you weigh 150lbs, you carry a barbell totaling 60 lbs.

  • can use men’s or women’s bar
  • cannot switch hands during the carry. Pick your stronger hand and go with it
  • cannot rest/support working hand against the body

Coach Katie – Max distance handstand walk – 75 feet

Since most of us couldn’t get to the handstand walk in 18.4, here’s your chance to shine!

Coach Liz – Max rep strict muscle ups – 5 reps

Did you know that strict muscle ups are technically easier than the kipping muscle ups? You just need to be very very strong to execute strict muscle ups!

Coach Mie – Max headstand hold – 2:18

These must be freestanding headstand. HEADstand, not handstand 

Coach Mike – Eat 6 Krispy Kreme donuts for time – 2:25

DONUT CHALLENGE!!!!!!! This could be your start to the sport of competitive eating!

Coach Neil – 100 kettlebell swings for time – 9:46

Men: 2 pood, women: 1.5 pood. The kettlebell must go past your eye level to count as a rep.

Coach Piper (Charlotte Jiu-jitsu Academy from next door) – Max rep L-sit rope climbs – 3 climbs

Each rep must start in a seated position. Feet cannot touch the ground or be used to assist you in climbing up the rope. Keep your legs lifted to create an “L” with your body while you climb. You may use the feet to come down. Max rep in one minute.

Coach Ryan – Max rep weighted jumping squats – 50 reps

Men: 45lb, Women: 35lb. Use an empty barbell and perform max rep weighted jumping squats in a minute. Hips must go below your knees at the bottom of the squat. Hips and knees must be extended and both feet must come completely off the ground at the top of the jump.