• Deadlifts (225/155)
  • Handstand Push-ups


  • Deadlifts (315/205)
  • 50 Foot Handstand Walks (25 feet down, 25 feet back)


We will be running our Annual St. Patrick’s Day Beer Mile after Open WOD heats!!  All are welcome to participate!

18.4 Tips from



CrossFit Open Workout 18.4 Tips

Nicole Carroll – Do Not Got to Failure

Caroll starts off by saying that you need to be conscious on how you expend energy in Diane. She recommends avoid going to failure, as this can cause you to rest even longer before the second couplet.

In the second couplet, she says the first set of 21 is going to most likely feel heavier than perceived, so really lock down your mid-line (aka pay attention to your total body tightness).

2. Brooke Ence – Technique Is Everything

CrossFit Games athlete Brooke Ence acknowledges that a lot of athletes will find the second couplet heavy, so she recommends that if this is you to go hard in Diane, then use the extra earned after Diane to really hone in on technique for the heavier deadlifts, and to finish what you can.

Pacing and breaking up your deadlifts in both couplets, especially in the first, will be a big factor to success for a lot athletes. Ence points out that doing so will help save your mid-line, which is going to be needed in every portion of this workout.

3. Cole Sager – Make the Call Beforehand

CrossFit Games athlete Cole Sager states before even beginning Diane, make the call on your goal. He points out that not every athlete will be able to make it to the second couplet, so decide going into the workout what your focus is. If Diane is going to take you a lot of time, then make that your focal point and maximize your performance there.

Although, if you’re pushing to complete both couplets, then conserve energy in Diane, so you can push in the second. For this population, he recommends breaking up the work early to avoid redlining too soon.

4. Margaux Alvarez – Break It Up In the Beginning

CrossFit Games athlete Margaux Alvarez recommends breaking up the deadlift sets from the beginning. She points out that finding your optimal performance sets will be clutch, and to modify them accordingly if you make it to the second couplet. Alvarez also mentions to avoid sprinting at the beginning, but to sprint on the handstand walks to maximize ground covered.

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