2k Row (7-12 min)
*all out effort

1: 8-10 Strict T2B
2: 12-15 Weighted Back/Hip Ext (25/15)*
3: ME Push-Up or Strict HSPU
4: Rest
*scale to no weight if low training volume on Back Ext or if sore from
deadlifts the day before
*focus on Hamstring and Glute, not lower back hyper extension

Beers and Burpees

On September 22, 2018 the 8th Annual Beers and Burpees Charity Event presented by Flexogenix will be held in Charlotte.  Over 25 local gyms (including CrossFit gyms, Orangetheory, Boot Camps and more) are partnering to host the event where the Charlotte Fitness Community and over 1,000 people will come together to workout, drink beer and raise money for the Dream on 3 Charity organization. 

Last year, we raised $50,068 and this year our goal is to raise $100,000 for Dream on 3, a local wish-granting organization whose mission is “Making sports dreams come true for children with chronic illnesses, developmental disabilities, or life-altering conditions”.

There will be heats starting every ~30 minutes from 9am to 6pm.  In addition to the heats, there will be free “field-day” type events, beer vendors, food trucks, kids “Brownies and Burpees” division, teen division, adaptive athlete division, kids activities, music and much more throughout the entire day.

Don’t miss the event which won THREE AWARDS for BEST CHARITY EVENT in 2017 (Charlotte Magazine, Charlotte Fitness Lifestyles and Elevate Lifestyles)

Location – CrossFit Charlotte – 9535 Monroe Road Suite 100, Charlotte NC

Click here to register