5-4-3 Deadlift ​​

​*3 sec ECC
​*1 sec pause at bottom

4 Rounds​

30 sec Row cal
rest 30 sec
30 sec Double DB Bentover Row​(45/30)
rest 30 sec
30 sec Row cal
rest 30 sec
30 sec Strict HSPU
rest 30 sec
30 sec Row cal
rest 30 sec

*total reps for each
*scale DB Row as needed to keep control for 30 sec

Some good nutritional advice from BoxRox:

8 Important Nutritional Principles for Crossfitters and Athletes

Use these nutritional principles to help optimise your performance, health, recovery and energy levels.

Nutrition rests as the foundational base for any successful athlete. Without a carefully considered diet and the proper equipment to prepare your food, there is simply no way that you will be able to achieve your full potential.

When you do nail the basic principles, the effects on performance and health are incredible.


Now this is something that I believe will make a huge difference to your health and performance regardless of your goal. Breakfast can be one of the meals that people eat a solely carbohydrate based meal. Cornflakes and milk for example. Some people often go until 1.30pm before eating any form of protein (and even then its is usually only a small amount). If you want to build muscle, lose fat and be awesome at work then get some protein into your breakfast!

So why is having protein at breakfast is so crucial?

  • Boost neurotransmitter production – boosts memory, attention and drive for the day ahead.
  • It is linked to eating less throughout the day
  • Stabilises energy levels – no mid morning energy dips
  • Provides amino acids to build muscle and recover from training.
Optimise your nutrition

It doesn’t matter whether you do the 6am conditioning class or the 8pm weightlifting class you need protein at breakfast.

Here are some great breakfast ideas

Eggs – anyway you like – Omelettes, baked eggs, scrambled, poached, boiled……add veggies, add meat, add fish – be creative.

The Whiskware egg mixer is a great tool to use for breakfast recipes because it makes simple fluffy egg dishes in minutes. Keeping your cooking simple and reducing as much hassle as possible is an excellent way to stay on track with your meal plan and nutrition.

Meat and nuts – Charles Poliquin championed this and I have had some awesome results using this method. Try it. Trust me.

Chia seed puddings – google them. So versatile and can be used for snacks and desserts also.

Greek yoghurt – add nuts, seeds, berries, protein powder – done!

Smoothies – get yourself a nutribullet and start creating masterpieces! Great way to add in lots of different superfoods and nutrients. Add spirulina, maca and tyrosine into a morning smoothie.

Try using the BlenderBottle Pro32  to create your Greek yoghurt and smoothie meals as the rounded base allows the BlenderBall® to mix every last ingredient without wasting anything.


Whether you are a crossfitter, runner, boxer, powerlifter or anything else, recovery is the key to longevity, growth and successful development. You MUST feed your body properly after each session. Make sure that you consume adequate amounts of protein and carbohydrates to re-compensate your body and provide it with what it needs to recover and grow.


Your basic metabolic rate (BMR) is the amount of energy your body needs to survive each day. This energy is needed for breathing, your heart beating, nails growing, digestion etc.

On top of that, you need energy for daily activities, like walking, weightlifting, running, etc. These 2 combined are called the Total Daily Energy Expenditure, TDEE. This is different for everyone, since it depends on gender, height, weight and activity level.

Once you know how many calories you need to cover the TDEE, you must think about what goal you are trying to achieve. Are you trying to build muscle and bulk up? Or to lose weight? Then you must factor this in and adjust the total amount of calories accordingly. If you want to grow muscle but you simply aren’t eating enough, then it simply won’t happen, no matter how effectively or hard you train.

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