Every 3 Min x 5​
3 Front Squat (80-85%)
10 Alternating Lunge Jump
50m shuttle Run (5 x 10m)

*controlled front squats
*fast on everything else


4 RFT​​
200m 1 Arm DB/KB Farmers Carry ​(moderate 40-60 lbs/20-40 lbs)
15 Hang Power Clean​(115/80)
12 C2B Pull-Ups


Every 4 min x 5
Run 200m
20 KBS
15 Ring Rows

Momma’s Quote of the Week:  “A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.”—William Arthur Ward


Saturday, June 30th is a big day!!

Come out in the morning and support the Ultimate CrossFit Blood Drive from 9-12 

Then in the evening, come out to support Kyle at his next boxing match!