Power Clean​
5 x 3 (1 sec pause in catch position)

*no TnG
*increase load a little with each set

Partner WOD:
AMRAP Repeats

30 Double Unders ​​(each)
20 Hang Power Clean​(135/95)
Synchronized Burpees w/ time remaining 

​rest 2 min

40 Double Unders​​(each)
16 Hang Power Clean​(155/105)
Synchronized Burpees w/ time remaining 

​rest 2 min

50 Double Unders​​(each)
12 Hang Power Clean​(185/125)
Synchronized Burpees w/ time remaining

*DU’s can be done at same time (2:1 Singles scale)
*split hang power cleans up as needed
*Synchronized Burpee = Chest on ground at same time
*scale clean weight as needed (should never be doing singles)

Conditioning: ​

5 Rounds​
40 sec Bike
20 Air Squats
40 sec Plank

​rest 2 min

4 Rounds
60 sec row
30 sec Max Effort Push-Ups
30 sec side Plank (ea side)

​rest 2 min

3 Rounds​​
40 sec Double Unders
40 sec Sit-Ups
40 sec KBS​​(1.5/1)



The folks from StretchLab will be at the gym this evening and tomorrow evening from 5-8:30pm.
StretchLab is a 1:1 stretch that gives the individual a really good feel for what an assisted stretch is like and how it can complement their training regimen.  They follow PNF stretching which is a proven form of static stretching to help increase range of motion and all the Flexologists bring their own certifications (yoga, physical therapy, dance, etc.), followed by a rigorous training program specific to StretchLab.
They will have 2 benches and will be offering 15 minute demo stretches to Ultimate members during that time.  
We will have a sign-up sheet on the whiteboard so please sign-up!  This a free service that we highly encourage everyone to take advantage of!