3 Super Sets​
8/leg Weighted Step-Up (DB/KB Dual Suitcase loaded)
30m Dual KB Front Rack Carry

*90 sec rest b/w

9 Thrusters​(75/55)
1000m Row
15 Thrusters ​(75/55)
1000m Row
21 Thrusters (75/55)


Great tips for achieving life balance from our friends at The Good Kitchen:

You’re probably busy. Right? Work, dinners, parties, functions, gatherings, kids, practices, lessons, spouses, date night, working out… But, mostly work. As a business owner, I recognize more and more how valuable time is. Here are 4 things I keep in mind to stay on track with life.

It’s B.S.
There is no true work/life “balance.” You are rarely able to completely shut one thing off and begin another. There IS, however, work-life integration. Once you can acknowledge that the two are not completely separate, but that life is more like a venn diagram with all of it’s overlapping pieces and parts, the easier it’ll be to flow in and out of “life compartments.” (tip of the cap here to a Dave Asprey podcast with Tony Robbins where this principle was first unearthed to me)

Frame of Mind
Set yourself up for success. Make your bed. Set your station before you begin. To simplify further, choose a uniform. This is well-travelled territory. But the takeaway is the same. Engage when ready, but not before.

Prioritize Yourself
You gotta do you first. Everyone and everything else is second (yes, even your kid, spouse or parent). Just as when the unlikely event of a loss in cabin pressure occurs, you secure your own mask before helping others. Only a healthy (of mind, body and spirit) individual can raise up his or her surroundings and community. Be it work life or coaching baseball practice, a sturdy foundation is the best start. Get some sleep, meditate, eat well, stay hydrated, move around and keep active, watch a movie, take a nap, read a book, play an instrument. Do you.

Be Selfish
Because #3 bears repeating. No one makes time for you but you. And you can’t help others until you help yourself. Give yourself permission and mark your time as “out” on your calendar. No excuses. Then take advantage.

The closer I get to maintaining these 4 principles (well, 3.5 really) on a consistent basis, the better I feel, perform and participate.

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