Push Press 2-2-2-2-2

WOD: “Tabata Fight Gone Bad”
Tabata Wall Balls (20/14)
Tabata Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (75/55)
Tabata Box Jumps 20″
Tabata Push Presses (75/55)
Tabata Row (Calories)

Dear UCF athletes,

Welcome to the 2018 Intra-Gym Open!

The Open WOD is announced each Thursday at 8pm EST on the CrossFit Games site. The first one is this Thursday February 22. There is a total of 5 workouts/5 weeks.

We will be doing the Open WOD as the gym WOD on Saturdays, but you may do it at any time during open gym from Friday till end of the day on Monday.

*You will need to use a scoresheet and have a judge when you do the workout. We will be using the Open movement standards, so please familiarize yourself with the basics so that you do not get no-repped. You may be asked to judge other athletes.

**Please submit your score + tiebreaker score to your captain by Monday night.

Point system

We are doing it a little differently this year!

Each week, each competitor can choose to do either the Rx’d workout or the scaled workout once the WOD is announced. However, you must do the appropriate WOD for your level or circumstance.

You will receive:

1 point – If you do the WOD in its entirety, Rx’d or scaled.

2 to 5 points – If you finish in the top 3 to 5. This will vary each week, depending on how many people are competing in your division.

-3 points – You will lose points if you do the scaled WOD when you should be doing the Rx’d WOD. If you are not sure or if you are typically an Rx’d athlete who needs to do scaled for a legitimate reason, please let me know before completing the WOD.

Other ways to earn points:

1 point per person per week – When you post about the gym open with the hashtag, #2018ucfgymopen and tag @ultcrossfit on social media (Facebook/Instagram). You can get an extra point for creativity!

1 to 3 points – Fitness and Lifestyle challenges. There will be at least one of each every week. Please check the blog on Friday or check with your captain. The challenges will start on Tuesday and end on Monday night.

1 to 10 points – Show your team spirit! Making a T-shirt is always a good idea, but you can get creative.


Here is what you really wanted to know!

1st place:

$700 cash ($100/person)
2 cases of Kill Cliff
T-shirt/Tank top for each competitor

2nd place:
$420 cash ($60/person)

1 case of Kill Cliff

3rd place:

$280 cash ($40/person)


And finally, these are the teams for this year!

Bridget Bacon

Thea Winick

Rebekah Mlinek

Melissa Gannon

Chris Pettiglio

Brian Jones

Peter Reinsel


Sam Fox

Meredith Dukes

Courtney Stulman

Jonathan Dudley

John McCardell

Doug Barden

Robert Price

Zach Bowman

Kara Seeloff

Magan Long

Heather Hall

Taylor Seelof

Dale Jones

Will Davis

Erin Jedlikowski

Brittany Lorden

Jordan Carey

Kathy senior

Shilpa Reddy

Steve Cozzolongo

David Teague

Ian Walker

Nick Grothe

Dalissia Grothe

Kimberly Spatola

Jasmin Jones

Bill Davis

Sheldon Kennel

Jessica Herman

Erin Coughlin

Michelle Matthews

Eric Yurtkuran

Matt Francis

Matt Evans

Steven Taylor

Jordan Harris

Abby Young

Bo Liu

Allyson Cochran

Alexa Krost

Jordan Ricci

Joe Price

Kelly Melton

Kelly Jacobs

Tricia Prestopino

Caitlin Doolin

Kevin Tobin

Brian Walsh

Roger Moore

Ben Hunley

Ashley Hunley

Lindsay Jones

Eve Clausen

Libba Coker

Chris Brogdon

Jay Hagerman

Matt Miller

Boone Duwel

Bianca Miller

Barbara Seale

Pete Nastasi

Gwen Trice

Jason Seale