Partner WOD:


For Time​​

200m Farmers Carry
(relay style, 100m each partner) (2 x 2/1.5 pood)


OHS ​(95/65)


800m Run (both partners together)


OHS (115/80)


200m Farmers Carry (relay style, 100m each partner) (2 x 2/1.5 pood)
*partner 1 does 21 OHS & 21 T2B, then partner 2 does 21 OHS & 21 T2B, then partner 1 does 15 & 15 and so on.


Conditioning WOD:

200m MB Run (14/10)
42 Walking Lunge Steps
42 Sit-Ups (abmat or not)
750m Row
30 Walking Lunge Steps
30 Sit-Ups
200m MB Run
18 Walking Lunge Steps
18 Sit-Ups

In case you missed this in the Charlotte Observer – Ultimate got a little shout out!

Get fit in Charlotte: Your guide to working out in the Queen City


In case you haven’t noticed, Charlotte is an active city. One with an affinity for food and breweries, but an active city nonetheless.

Whether you’re new in town and looking to get involved in Charlotte’s fitness scene, you’ve lived here forever and just want to try something new, or you’re a total beginner who isn’t sure where to begin, we’ve got you covered.

Full-Body Workouts


2902 N. Davidson St., Charlotte; 20035 Jetton Road, Cornelius.

In its own words, this studio combines “the intensity of a CrossFit workout, the controlled movements of Yoga and Pilates with the cardio-strength from the Lagree Fitness™ Method.”
Hilliard Studio Method

516 Fenton Place, Charlotte.

HSM has a huge following in Charlotte — and for good reason. This studio promises to “sculpt and tone your entire body in 60 minutes or less” for a total transformation of both mind and body.


Ultimate CrossFit

210 Rampart St. Unit F, Charlotte.

This CrossFit gym’s goal is “to provide you with the environment, instruction, and motivation to exceed your personal fitness goals.”
CrossFit Mecklenburg

228 Peterson Drive, Charlotte.

CrossFit Mecklenburg has a talented team of coaches ready to help you identify and meet your fitness goals. Bonus: It has a two-tap kegerator in the gym for you to enjoy after your workout of the day.



3722 S. Tryon St., Charlotte.

STAX is best known for its free bootcamp, offered every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 p.m. But STAX also offers bootcamp classes throughout the rest of the week, along with CrossFit classes, cycling, yoga, and cryotherapy.

check out full article here..