Strength WOD:

Photo courtesy of The CrossFit Games
Photo courtesy of The CrossFit Games

CrossFit Total EMOM
0-5: EMOM 1 Back Squat  ​(85% +)​​(5 min)
5-7: Rest​​​​​​​​(2 min)
7-12: EMOM 1 Strict Press​(80-85% +)​(5 min)
12-14: Rest​​​​​​​(2 min)
14-19: EMOM 1 Deadlift​​(85% +)​​(5 min)


Conditioning WOD: Running Clock
0-5: EMOM
20 Air Squat​​​(5 min)
5-8: 400m Run​​​​(3 min)

8-13: EMOM
12/10 Push-Ups*​(5 min)
13-16: 400m Run​​​​(3 min)

16-21: EMOM
15 KBS* ​​​(5 min)
21-24: 400m Run ​​​​(3 min)

*scale style of Push-Ups to allow for unbroken but challenging sets
*choose weight for KBS

Midline Cash-out:
2 x Max Effort L-SIt Hold (p-bar, box)

*this can be a tuck L-sit
*rest as needed


Momma’s Quote of the Week:  “I consciously seek out every day ‘What am I bad at?’ and ‘How can I pound this weakness until it’s a strength?”—Mathew Fraser

Summer Bash … Saturday August 11th. 12pm-4pm!!


Photo courtesy of The CrossFit Games

Congrats to Tia-Clair Toomey and Matt Fraser for defending their titles and earning the top spot of Fittest on Earth!!  This is Fraser’s third consecutive win!