EMOM 10​​
3 Deadlifts ​(80-85%)

Strict HSPU
GHD Sit-Up
OHS ​​(95/65)


Here’s Why Environmentalists Are Cheering The Latest Burger At Sonic Drive-In

It’s a long way, metaphorically speaking, from the campus of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, N.Y., to the Sonic Drive-In burger joints that line America’s highways and small towns, particularly in the South.

Come Monday, though, two new items on Sonic’s menu will make that leap. They’re blended beef-mushroom burgers, a food that the institute has boosted through its “menus of change” initiative. According to the institute, this is the kind of menu change that’s “a powerful, and previously underappreciated, way to drive improvements in our health and our planet.”

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