3 Sets


10 BB Alternating Step Ups
10 DB Bench Presses @21X1
*Use appropriate height on box step ups


800m Run
35 Abmat Sit-Ups
35 GHD Hip Extensions



This Saturday at 9:30am

A photographer is coming to Ultimate CrossFit to take pictures of you working out!  These pictures may be used on our website or Instagram. Come out and bring your smile with you! 🙂


Member’s Fitness Challenge!!

Do you have freakishly strong bicep curls? Can you do thrusters for days? Can you do 100 unbroken pull-ups? Can you box jump a house?

Now that the 2019 UCF Open is over and you got a chance to beat your coaches at what they do best, please share with us YOUR challenge!

Starting in May, we will post one challenge each week, and the gym can try to beat you! E-mail Mie ( with your idea.


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