EMOM 10 Squat Clean

WOD: “Life Alert”
21/15 Calorie Row
21 T2B
21 Front Squats (95/65)
*Rest 4 Minutes*
15/12 Calorie Row
15 T2B
15 Front Squats (115/80)
*Rest 4 Minutes*
9/6 Calorie Row
9 T2B
9 Front Squats (135/95)

Our friends, Carter and Amber, over at The Good Kitchen took on a water fast!!  Check out their experience!


To kick this off  – a quick disclaimer. I am neither nutritionist nor a doctor. This was an experiment that my wife Amber (TGK CEO, Founder) and I took upon ourselves after reading up on water fasting. If this is something you’re interested in, consult a health professional first. Please. Also, may be a good idea to forgo operating heavy machinery or performing brain surgery during an experimental fast.

{Now back to our regularly scheduled programming…}


Like a lot of humans today, we’re busy. And, as small business owners, we’re stressed. We’re neither weird nor special – we’re just like most folks in this day and age with too much to do and not enough time. We pay less attention to ourselves and our bodies (“the cobbler’s kids always need new shoes,” the saying goes) than we should. Ironic, I/we know.

After reading “Wired to Eat” by Robb Wolf, and toying around with the idea of the ketogenic diet, Amber and I decided to try a fast. A friend of ours tried it, and he experienced some good results; then, our intrigue grew after reading up on Katie Wells’ experience. So, we decided to give it a shot. For three days. All with the idea that we’d see (err, feel) how this went, then potentially alter the fast itself (include bone broth, etc.) to our own needs or extend it, if that felt like a good idea. At the suggestion of our friend (Hi David!), we did not cut out coffee as we did not want to shock the system additionally for these few days as we’re avid coffee drinkers over here. However, we did limit to two cups per day. And one cup of herbal tea at night. Only other things that went in our bodies were a small amount of salt and water. So. Much. Water.

Some websites suggest taking time off from work to gauge the effects of this fast. We work mostly from home, so no worries here. But, I can see how that might be helpful.

My aim here is to list our experience with the water fast. Not advise on the “how to” or the “why” – I’ll include an exhaustive list of folks who have already done us all the service of that work. That list follows at the bottom. The overview is that a water fast is a jump start on getting your body into ketosis and encouraging fat burning.

2 DAYS BEFORE / Sunday

We inched our way into this water fast. Two days prior we moved to Bulletproof coffee for breakfast, a nibble of sauerkraut and ham for lunch, and a ketogenic-style dinner. We also upped our water game and increased electrolytes.

DAY 1 / Wednesday

I woke up very early (historically, I’m not a great sleeper, but this was earlier than usual for some reason; I woke up at 2:15a, then went back to sleep for three hours around 4:30a.) During the day, I drank two cups of coffee, lots of water, enjoyed a couple pinches of salt, and 1 hot tea at night. Was gonna go for a mountain bike ride, but my serious lack of sleep suggested that may not be a good idea. Felt a little light-headed after kneeling/squatting a couple of different times through the day, but overall felt good. Thought about food more than normal. Thought I noticed a little change in body composition, but may have been my imagination and wishful thinking. More productive, but could be because I had more time since I wasn’t eating. Watched “The Office,” showered, bed early. Makes you think about how much thought and time we spend on food. With no eating, no shopping, no going out to eat, cooking or cleaning up… you save quite a bit of time. Ketone reading: 2.4mmol/L. Weighed day before at gym: 180.8 lbs.

A quick intro – So, my main priority for this fast was to get my digestion back on track and end some undesirable eating/drinking habits I have acquired over the past year.

I slept in a little. Drank two cups of coffee, then made several trips to the “salt trough” throughout the day. Mornings are always fine for me without food. I am a pretty natural intermittent faster. (What that means – I’m 15-16 hours between meals typically.)  I got extremely hungry and nauseous around lunchtime. Once that passed, I felt okay the rest of the evening. We did have a non-caffeinated herbal tea around dinner. I just needed to taste something other than water. Pretty normal routine in the evening… without the food prep and eating and wine. But overall, I felt good; if anything, I felt a tad loopy. Almost like I hadn’t slept. Ketone reading was 2.5mmol/L. I did not weigh myself prior to the fast.

Read about their whole experience here…